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Flower Regulations

Revised Sept. 27, 2017

  1. We encourage the placing of flowers on graves at any time during normal business hours. Normal business hours are Sunrise to Sunset.
  2. Flowers at the time of the funeral will remain at the grave or crypt for one week following interment or as long as they are in good condition.
  3. Fresh cut flowers on a grave, crypt or marker will be left as long as they look attractive. When flowers become wilted and unattractive they will be removed by the cemetery personnel. Any items not on grave marker or monument will be removed. Maintenance cannot mow or care for the lawn if decorations or personal items are in the way.
  4. Artificial flowers will be treated like fresh cut flowers. Unattractive and no longer fresh looking flowers will be removed.
  5. Stolen items are not the responsibility of the cemetery. Please be careful about what you choose to place on the grave.
  6. Please do not place potted plants on the lawn as they become a hazard when the cemetery personnel are mowing the lawn. Any plants that are not placed on the marker or have become wilted will be removed.
  7. There are no decorations of any kind on any grave allowed in the cemetery. This includes but not limited to borders of flowers, loose stones, pinwheels, wooden crosses, toys, ceramic decorations, solar lights, mini fences, items with poles and bottles of liquor, arbors of any kind, large statues or any type of glass vases. These types of decorations create safety hazards and if found on any grave will be removed by the cemetery personnel.
  8. Planting of any shrubs, trees, etc. is not allowed. If these are found on any grave they will be removed by the Cemetery Personnel.
  9. Only regulated flower vases will be permitted on graves. Due to complaints of lost vases, broken vases and arrangements as well as damage to the lawn we will no longer permit loose vases above the ground. This applies to ALL types of material.